Strength. Dynamic.

Hi, I’m David!

I will help you to become the strongest, fastest and healthiest player on the pitch!

As a personal trainer and sports physiotherapist, I have helped over thousands of people to come back stronger from their injuries, improve their performance levels and reduce the risk of recurrence/injury in the long run.

As your personal coach, I rely on the most proven and efficient training methods that will lead to your success!

A combination of strength, speed, power and technique training will help you to maximize your athletic performance and will allow you to help your team with outstanding game performances.


Through my expertise as a sports physiotherapist I know the mechanisms of the body exactly. I know how to recover quickly from the training sessions and everything else you can do to reach your goals faster and more efficient.

In the event of an injury or a setback, I will help you with my proven strategies to get back on track in the most effective way!

Together, step by step & with the help of science – to the next level!

Be a part of  the movement!

It helps you to be faster, fitter, smarter, stronger and will also strengthen your joints and muscles to prevent injuries.